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    Q. How to open a Demat account with Moneysukh?

    1. Visit moneysukh.com and signup with your contact number and email id.
    2. Click on “Complete your setup” from the dashboard.
      After you have registered on the website, you need to fill in basic details like name, email, address, etc by clicking on complete your setup.
    1. Add bank details.
      You need to add a bank account that is attached to your Aadhaar card and holds your name. A bank account is necessary for crediting interest and dividends.
    1. Upload your documents.
      Upload the documents related to proof of address, identity, etc.
    1. Complete the In-person verification.
      In-Person Verification (IPV) is a required step while opening a demat account. As per SEBI regulations, Moneysukh needs to verify that the person opening an account is an actual person and that the documents or proofs sent by her or him match their true identity.
    1. Continue to E-sign
      E-Sign is an online electronic signature or digital signature. Moneysukh provides you with the option to E-sign your application digitally using an Aadhar-linked mobile number.
    1. And finally, complete the formalities by submitting the form.

      Once you have submitted the documents, an executive from Moneysukh will contact you to introduce you with Moneysukh platform and features.