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    1. Visit moneysukh.com and signup with your contact number and email id.
    2. Click on “Complete your setup” from the dashboard.
      After you have registered on the website, you need to fill in basic details like name, email, address, etc by clicking on complete your setup.
    1. Add bank details.
      You need to add a bank account that is attached to your Aadhaar card and holds your name. A bank account is necessary for crediting interest and dividends.
    1. Upload your documents.
      Upload the documents related to proof of address, identity, etc.
    1. Complete the In-person verification.
      In-Person Verification (IPV) is a required step while opening a demat account. As per SEBI regulations, Moneysukh needs to verify that the person opening an account is an actual person and that the documents or proofs sent by her or him match their true identity.
    1. Continue to E-sign
      E-Sign is an online electronic signature or digital signature. Moneysukh provides you with the option to E-sign your application digitally using an Aadhar-linked mobile number.
    1. And finally, complete the formalities by submitting the form.

      Once you have submitted the documents, an executive from Moneysukh will contact you to introduce you with Moneysukh platform and features.

    Keep the following documents handy while opening account online. Fill in the details and upload the relevant documents as and when they appear.

    1. Proof of Identity (POI)
      • Unique Identification Number (UIDAI) (Aadhaar Card)/ Passport/ Voter ID card/ driving license.
      • PAN Card
      • Identity card with applicant’s photograph issued by either the Central or State Government or any of its Departments, Statutory and/or Regulatory Authorities, Public Sector Undertakings Scheduled Commercial Banks, Public Financial Institutions, Colleges affiliated to Universities, and recognised Professional Bodies such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants i.e. ICAI, Institute of Cost Works Accountants – ICWAI, Institute of This is also acceptable as proof of address as long as the address is also on the Identity card.
    2. Proof of Permanent and Correspondence Address (POA)
      • Passport, Voters Identity Card, Ration Card, Rent Agreement, Registered Lease, or Sale Agreement of Residence, State Issued Driving License, and/or Insurance Copy stating the address
      • Utility bills such as an electric bill, or a gas bill. These should not be older than three months at the time of submission.
      • A bank account statement or bank passbook that is no older than three months old. The Bank should be stamped and attested.
      • Address proof issued by any of the following: Bank Managers of Scheduled Commercial Banks or Scheduled Co-Operative Banks or Multinational Foreign Banks, or Gazette Officers or Notaries Public, or Elected Representatives to the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.) or Parliament (M.P.), or Documents issued by any Government or Statutory Authority
      • Proof of address in the spouse’s name may be acceptable
    3. Valid proof for a corresponding Bank account
      • A cancelled cheque of the bank account you want to link to your trading account.
      • Bank statement
    4. Income proof
      • Last six months’ bank account statement
      • A copy of the ITR Acknowledgement Form that was submitted to the Income Tax Department
      • Proof of Salary Income by submitting a Salary Slip or a copy of Form 16 Net Worth Certificate
      • Any other relevant documents substantiating asset ownership through self-declaration with supporting documentation
    5. People / organizations authorized to attest documents
      • A Notary Public, a Gazette Officer, a Manager of a Scheduled Commercial / Cooperative Bank, or a Manager of a Multinational Foreign Bank.
      • Authorized officials of overseas branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks registered in India, Notary Public, Court Magistrate, Judge, and Indian Embassy/Consulate General in the country where the client resides are permitted to attest the documents in the case of NRIs.

    As the name implies, In-Person verification is a process in which a Depository Participant personally verifies documents and other details as required by SEBI. It is mandatory for every investor to go through the In-Person verification (IPV) procedure before opening a Trading and Demat Account.

    To validate his identity, the client must provide original identity and address proof during the process. Using cutting-edge technology, this process can be completed entirely online. The client must ensure that all original documents are available to him at the time of verification. The Broker and the Client can mutually schedule a Live IPV. Make sure you have a good internet connection before beginning the IPV process. The broker may ask you a few questions about your account opening application during the IPV process.

    Your trading account information will be activated once the form is processed and approved. After it is approved, you will be able to trade in the stock market.

    • Related to PAN
      1. Your photo in the copy of your PAN that you provided us is unclear.
      2. There is a name mismatch between your PAN and address proof – To verify this; you must submit a self-declaration letter.
      3. The provided copy of the PAN does not match your signature.
    • Bank related documents
      1. The bank statement provided is password protected. Please send us a version that has been unlocked.
      2. Your PAN card and your bank statement/cancelled cheque have different names. To proceed with your application, you must send us a duly attested banker confirmation letter and a self-declaration letter.
      3. The IFSC/MICR code on the cheque/bank statement/passbook you provided is not printed or is not clear. You must provide us with an alternative bank document that includes the IFSC and MICR code.
    • Address related
      • The names on your PAN and address proof do not match.
      • The correspondence address you provided on the KYC page does not match the address proof you provided.
      • The permanent address you entered on the KYC/POA/ECN page does not correspond to the address proof you submitted.
    • Wrong / Missing Signature
      • A few pages were missing signatures.
      • You have incorrectly signed in the second or third holder field in one or more of the provided spaces. 
    • Photograph
      • The KYC form is missing your photograph.
      • The Photo provided wasn’t cross-signed.
    • Overwriting
      • Details were overwritten in one or more locations.
    • Contact details
      • You have entered contact information that is already in use by another Moneysukh account. Please provide us with an alternate email and phone number.

    You can email us at support@moneysukh.com to get your login ID, also you must have received the client code from our side