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    This occurs when you place low-volume orders for far-month contracts. Trades in these positions are prohibited.

    Orders can be rejected for a variety of reasons, including insufficient margin, incorrect order type selection, a stock that is not available for trading, and so on. (place an order)

    If the chosen stock is in square-off today, you may be unable to trade it for a period of time.
    After the RMS auto square-off time, which is 3:20 pm for equity markets, 3:25 pm for equity derivative markets, 4:45 pm for currency markets, and 11:05 pm for commodities, MIS orders cannot be placed.
    You will be able to trade the stock beginning at 10 a.m.

    This error occurs when the chosen stock is not permitted for intraday trading. You can execute the transaction in the Delivery or Margin segments.

    Margin shortfall occurs when you keep positions open in your trading account without enough margin. It is not the same as the actual account balance. Margin shortfalls result in penalties.