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    The RTA will send you a link to apply for the Buyback issue.
    Fill in the necessary information and press the Submit button.
    If you did not receive the link via email from the RTA, please write to us @.

    It indicates the likelihood that your shares will be accepted by the company in a buyback. The acceptance ratio is determined by the size of the buyback and the quantity tendered in the buyback. The percentage stake in the open offer divided by the percentage stake held by external shareholders yields this ratio.

    Orders for buybacks, takeovers, and delistings can be placed in two tranches: The first one is collected until 6:00 PM, one trading day before the offer end date. The second one is collected from 6:00 PM on the day before the offer end date until 1:00 PM on the offer end date

    Flat brokerage of 0.5% will be applicable to the stocks tendered at the time of buyback.

    Tendering of shares will be permitted during the offer period only up to the number of clear funds available.

    Tendering of shares is limited to the quantity eligible as of the record date and the holdings available in the Demat account, whichever is less.