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    SEBI requires all stockbrokers to settle client funds in trading accounts at least once a quarter.
    The funds are returned to the primary bank account associated with your Moneysukh account and are known as quarterly fund settlements.

    Delivery Transactions for sale – 2 days after the transaction (T+2).
    Intraday transactions are recorded one day after the transaction (T+1).
    1 day after the transaction (T+1) for F&O/Commodity/Currency transactions.

    The important settlement types are as follows:

    1. Normal segment
    2. Trade for trade Surveillance
    3. Retail Debt Market
    4. Limited Physical market
    5. Non cleared TT deals
    6. Auction normal

    A Settlement Cycle is a calendar that specifies how all purchase and sale transactions on T Day are settled on a T+2 basis. T stands for Trading Day, and +2 stands for two consecutive working days following T. (excluding all holidays).

    Trade to Trade settlement is a market in which shares can only be traded for delivery. Each share purchased/sold that is part of this segment must be delivered by paying the full amount.

    When the seller is unable to transfer the shares, the exchange holds an auction to purchase the required quantity of the same share in the auction market and transfer it to the buyer.