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    The transaction charges and taxes added to the purchase price are included in the average price of your Holdings.
    To determine the purchase price of your shares, follow the mentioned steps:
    Select the stocks from your Portfolio. Select View Transactions. Tap the transaction date to see a breakdown of
    the purchase price, transaction charges, and taxes.

    Shares will be held in the pool account for two reasons:
    Your account is in the negative.
    The shares have not yet been settled. Shares are settled on the Trading day plus two days.

    1. Will be credited in Trading day +2 days.

    Unrealized gain/loss is the increase/decrease in the value of an asset held by an investor but not yet sold. The term “unrealized” gain/loss refers to the fact that the investor does not book the profit/loss until he sells the investment. When an investment is sold, the gain or loss is realised.