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    Q. Reasons for the account opening process's delay

    • Related to PAN
      1. Your photo in the copy of your PAN that you provided us is unclear.
      2. There is a name mismatch between your PAN and address proof – To verify this; you must submit a self-declaration letter.
      3. The provided copy of the PAN does not match your signature.
    • Bank related documents
      1. The bank statement provided is password protected. Please send us a version that has been unlocked.
      2. Your PAN card and your bank statement/cancelled cheque have different names. To proceed with your application, you must send us a duly attested banker confirmation letter and a self-declaration letter.
      3. The IFSC/MICR code on the cheque/bank statement/passbook you provided is not printed or is not clear. You must provide us with an alternative bank document that includes the IFSC and MICR code.
    • Address related
      • The names on your PAN and address proof do not match.
      • The correspondence address you provided on the KYC page does not match the address proof you provided.
      • The permanent address you entered on the KYC/POA/ECN page does not correspond to the address proof you submitted.
    • Wrong / Missing Signature
      • A few pages were missing signatures.
      • You have incorrectly signed in the second or third holder field in one or more of the provided spaces. 
    • Photograph
      • The KYC form is missing your photograph.
      • The Photo provided wasn’t cross-signed.
    • Overwriting
      • Details were overwritten in one or more locations.
    • Contact details
      • You have entered contact information that is already in use by another Moneysukh account. Please provide us with an alternate email and phone number.