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  1. Change my intraday position into delivery.

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  1. How to place a stop loss order?

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  1. How to convert F&O positions from Carry forward to Intraday or vice versa.

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  1. How do I make changes in my existing order?

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  1. How to buy and sell stocks through mansukh app?

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  1. What is a disclosed quantity order?

With a disclosed quantity order, you can declare only a portion of the total order that you want to buy/sell. Once the disclosed quantity is specified, the order is sent to the exchange, and only the disclosed portion is displayed on the market screen. The disclosed quantity should be neither equal to nor greater than the order quantity, nor less than 10% of the order quantity.

This post is use for test

  1. What are stop loss orders?

It is an instruction given to a broker by an individual to buy/sell securities if the prices fall/rise beyond a certain level. It can help you limit your losses in case the prices move against your trade.


  1. What is the distinction between limit orders and market orders?

A Limit Order specifies a buying or selling price, and the trade is executed only when the price is met. A Market Order, on the other hand, is executed at the current market price.

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  1. Why was my limit order carried out at market price?

This could have occurred if you attempted to buy at a price higher than the current market value. In this case, the system treats it as a market order and executes it at the current price.


  1. Why was my stop loss order carried out despite the fact that the price did not cross the trigger?

The stock market is moving in milliseconds, you can only see one tick per second; you may miss the price when the stop-loss limit is reached and the trade is executed.


  1. Why did my pre-open session market order turn into a limit order?

During the pre-open session, all unmatched market orders are carried over to the normal market as limit orders at the equilibrium price with their original timestamp.

Market orders will be carried over at the previous day’s closing price if the opening price is not discovered.


  1. What is immediate or cancel order (IOC)?

The order has to be executed as soon as it is released in the market in the case of an immediate or cancel the order. It means that the security is bought or sold almost immediately, and if it isn’t, the order is automatically canceled.

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  1. What is a delivery order?

Delivery Order means you bought some stocks and hold them in your Demat account for a period of time.


  1. What is an intraday order?

An intraday order is one that is squared off the same day, the trader buys or sells particular security with the intention of closing the position on the same day.