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How to set up alerts on TradingView?

Setting up alerts on TradingView is a useful feature that allows you to receive notifications when certain conditions are met in the market. Here’s how you can set up alerts on TradingView:

  1. Create or open a chart: Start by creating a new chart or opening an existing chart on TradingView for the instrument you want to set up an alert for.
  2. Select the “Alert” icon: In the top toolbar of the chart, you’ll find an “Alert” icon. It looks like a bell or a speech bubble. Click on this icon to open the alert creation window.
  3. Define the condition: In the alert creation window, you’ll see various options to define the condition for your alert. You can choose from price-based conditions, indicator-based conditions, drawing-based conditions, and more. For example, you can set an alert when the price crosses a certain level, when an indicator reaches a specific value, or when a trendline is broken.
  4. Set the alert parameters: Once you’ve selected the condition, specify the parameters for your alert. This includes entering the price level, indicator value, or selecting the drawing object that you want to use for the alert. You can also set additional parameters such as the time interval or duration for which the condition must persist before triggering the alert.
  5. Choose the alert action: TradingView offers several actions that can be triggered when the condition of the alert is met. You can choose to receive a pop-up notification on the TradingView platform, an email notification, or even an SMS notification if you have a premium subscription.
  6. Save the alert: After setting up the condition and action for your alert, click on the “Create” or “Save” button to save the alert. It will now be active and monitor the market based on the specified condition.
  7. Manage and modify alerts: You can manage and modify your alerts by clicking on the “Alerts” icon in the top toolbar of the chart. This will open a list of your active alerts, allowing you to enable/disable, edit, or delete them as needed.

By setting up alerts, you can stay informed about market events and be notified when specific conditions occur, even if you’re not actively watching the charts. Alerts can help you identify trading opportunities, monitor price levels, or receive notifications about important market developments.