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How to use trading view?

TradingView is very user-friendly platform and also easy to use, if the trader have the knowledge and experience to work with charts and use various technical indicators. However, Following are the stepwise procedure to use the TradingView and its features.

Steps to Use the TradingView Web Application:

Step 1: Visit www.TradingView.com and create your account, if you haven’t already.

Step 2: After registering, login onto TradingView platform, You will see the TradingView dashboard on your screen.

Step 3: To see the charts you can select the stock by searching name or symbol.

Step 4: Now you can choose the tools and draw the technical indicators on the chart.

Step 5: Using these tools and indicators you can analyse the stock movement.

Step 6: You can also check the financial details and key ratios of the stock.

Step 7: If you are connected with your broker you can place orders directly.

Step 8: You can also use the TradingView community to share your ideas and trading strategies.

Using TradingView directly through the website freely you will get the limited functions and features to use. For applying or using important technical indicators, creating alerts, saving the charts opening multiple tabs, customization or viewing the key financial details and valuation ratios you have to buy the paid version of TradingView.